A Greater Boston Hackerspace


Ideas to Things aims to provide a naturally evolving physical space shaped by active members of the organization interested in sharing technical passions. This space will provide a highly collaborative area where members can go to share ideas and skills with each other. This space will also provide members with the tools to share their passions with the local community through classes and events.

Recent News

  • Ideas to Things is clicking along.

    We haven't updated (with pictures) in a while. But that has not been because of lack of progress.

    We are slowly transitioning from primarily working on physical space improvements to two important activities:

    Aquisition of furntiture and other useful items and, much more importantly, generally hanging out and enjoying our bourgening collaborative space.

    In the next week or two we will definitely be holding some sort of open house or event, so if you are at all interested make sure to sign up or follow us (Google Group Twitter)


    Also, sometimes I sit in the classroom with our logo projected on the back wall, for all the passing cars to see (stickers and t-shirts coming to a store near you. And by near you, I mean at 6 sever.)

    We've made improvements in many areas, but here are some of the highlights.

    The old dirty nasty floor and the nice, newly finished floor. Also a table we picked up along the way


    These are some new additions - the beginnings of a wall mounted bar table top and the mostly completed "kitchenette" that will feature a refridgerator, coffee maker, snacks, etc.


    The "Classroom," from when it was a dirty, workshoppy, trash heap and storage location to the present - new laminate flooring (installed with love and care by Matt and myself), a projecter donated by Gina from Realized Solutions in CT., the repainted heating covers. All it needs now is a touch up on the window. That and furniture, of course.

    The "Kitchen" or the workshop has come along way to being clean and organized. Our recent addition of two workbench/tables and a full pegboard organization rack (crafted on site by our very own) have made this space ever more usable! Got a project? There's a table to do it, and the beginnings of a handsome tool collection.


    It's not the most exciting, but every organization needs and office, and this one is taking up the call quite nicely. We snaked the ethernet cable from the router upstair down to this room so that this area can become the central hub of our little network. I forsee server racks, and fans, and other niceties in the not too distant future. The addition of a filing cabinet (borrowed from our giving landlord Warren) will help keep our finances and legal documents organized and in order.

    Feel free to contact me at hunter@ideastothings.org if you are at all interested or have any questions or comments. Also, make sure to sign up for our google group and twitter so that you can get updates when we hold events. Cheers!

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